Twin Cities suburb bans Pledge of Allegiance

Tearing up The Flag

I’ve been reading Kurt Schlichter’s apocalyptic trilogy about the coming End of the United States, whereby we violently split into two independent nations, one Blue (The People’s Republic of North America) and the other Red (the new United States – essentially the south and midwest/mountain states).

The thesis of the novels is that the Progressive Left is so implacable in their desire to fundamentally transform the country that a national divorce is the only way to resolve the massive irreconcilable differences we face.

So when I saw the article in the Minneapolis StarTribune (link here –  don’t waste a click if you can help it) about the overwhelmingly Jewish suburb of St. Louis Park (an island of Israelite’s in Ilhan Omar’s MN5 congressional district) going The Full Social Justice Warrior and banning the Pledge of Allegiance I couldn’t help but think it was one more brick in the ideological wall separating The Crazy and The Normal:

The St. Louis Park City Council has decided to drop recital of the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag at its meetings, citing a desire to accommodate the city’s newest and more diverse residents.

(Council Member) Brausen said in an interview there was concern that saying the pledge intimidates some newer residents, owing to increasing political polarization and the national controversy over federal immigration policies.

“We’ve had some racial equity initiatives going on in the city of St. Louis Park for awhile where we’re trying to get more diverse communities and historically less engaged communities to come and participate in our public process,” he said. “Given the current Washington politics that are going on now, there’s a lot of people that are afraid of our government, and we worry about that.”

OK, so let me see if I have this straight: the Pledge is a symbol of an unwelcoming, oppressive, dangerous and hostile to newcomers country that once upon a time prided itself on being the Melting Pot of the world.

Good to know.

The relentless chipping away of traditional America continues in fits and starts – renaming a lake here (Lake Calhoun to Bde Maka Ska) or high school there (Monroe High to Global Arts Plus).

Probably best to just rename the nation The Socialist States of Barack & Michelle,  re-moniker the North Star State just plain Wellstone! and be done with it.

Pro tip: buy stock in U-Haul trailers now…


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