Spare A Meme For The Week?

Hello there fellow Spartans, and welcome to another wonderful round-up of memes and humor from the past week. I’ve curated the finest Kobe memes that are fresh for your minds to feast on.

Let’s start with the renaming of a once great American city:

God save the Queen:

How to get to Mars in a flash:

Time for a lesson in how social media works:

This goes for every crybaby multi-millionaire athlete

Also social media, making sure that you celebrate and participate in something that people are only “supposed” to be doing in the privacy of their own bedrooms throughout June

And this is why you should take at least one foreign language class in school:

I’ll just leave this here

For a less morbid animal one:

I don’t know who this guy is, but I like the cut of his jib:

By that same token

Babies Against Planned Parenthood

While this image has been meme’d, the event and Clinton holding a keynote at this conference is real:

Let’s see what you’ve got

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Quotes of the Week (or Two)

Colombia’s FARC Rebels Ignore Peace Accord, Start Rearming