Mexico Reaches Last Minute Deal With Trump On Migrants

America First wins again?

Trump Mexico Deal

Earlier this evening President Trump announced that the United States and Mexico had reached a deal on expanding Mexico’s role in stemming the tide of illegal immigration. President Trump himself made the announcement on Twitter.

Secretary of State Pompeo had confirmed that a deal was reached, but provided scant details.

President Trump had threatened to hit Mexico with a 5% tariff unless Mexican authorities did more to halt the flow of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border. President Trump’s news comes after Mexico announced earlier Friday that they would be deploying 6,000 troops to their border with Guatemala.

President Trump had faced stiff resistance from Democrats and members of the GOP over his decision to squeeze Mexico economically. Many Republicans urged President Trump to keep immigration separate from economics when it came to dealing with Mexico. Ted Cruz, for example, had insisted that tariffs were “the wrong solution to the crisis.”

It would seem, however, that President Trump’s tough economic stance with Mexico has proven to be the better strategy. Indeed, Mexico had panicked a scant few hours after President Trump announced the upcoming tariffs last week. Mexican President AMLO had sent his foreign minister at the head of a trade delegation to Washington, D.C.

We need to take a “trust but verify” approach with Mexico, but it seems that, for the moment, President Trump has won yet another contest of wills.


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