Lowlights Of The First Democrat Debate

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Democrat Debate Lowlights

The first Democrat debate on Wednesday was, by all accounts, a genuine cluster. Viewers got to watch a bunch of Socialists pander to identity politics and try to out-Social Justice each other. When MSNBC wasn’t screwing up their video feed of the debate, that is.

I grabbed a few of the lowest of the lowlights of the first Democrat Debate. These quick little clips will give you a better picture of how the first Democrat Debate went than actually watching it.

I’m much more entertaining than a bunch of old Democrats anyway.

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  1. Democrat Debates Promote Hate, Socialism, Medical Care for Illegals, and more Hate. Democrats Debate Focuses on Which Candidate Hates White People the most. Kamala Harris, who went to school in Montreal and had wealthy well educated parents alleged she was bused to school in 1970’s California. Her attack on Biden’s opposition to busing was a fraud but the liberal media won’t expose Harris for this obvious Race Hoax to gain an edge at the debates. DeBlasio decided to launch into a Che Giuevera rant but forgot that Che personally executed 100 political opponents by shooting them in the face. Why should we elect socialist leftists that hate half the population just for being white? Then we had the ‘Kids in Cages’ BS which was the only way to protect kids from child traffickers, abusers, and gang members in US Detention facilities. By the way, it was during the Obama, Bush, and Clinton Administrations that all had a duty to protect children from bad actors in our Illegal alien detention facilities for processing. Should we throw the kids in the street? None of which would be necessary if they just went to a normal processing point and applied for a visa. If you break the law bad things happen no matter if your a US citizen or Illegal.

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