Live: President Trump Kicks Off 2020 In Orlando

4 more years!

President Trump Orlando Rally

President Trump is set to officially kick off his 2020 campaign at the Amway Center in Downtown Orlando, Florida later this evening. Trump is expected to take the state around 8:00 PM EST, although the doors to the Amway Center opened around 4:00 this afternoon.

Tonight’s rally is expected to be massive, with nearly 100,000 people requesting tickets to an event being held in a venue that holds 20,000. The Trump campaign had announced last week that they would be setting up an area known as “45 Fest” outside of the Amway Center. 45 Fest would include large screens that would allow the people who were unable to enter the Amway Center to view the event.

People started lining up for what the Orlando Sentinel dubbed “the mother of all rallies” very early Monday morning. The first person in line actually staked out his spot at 2:00 AM Monday morning.

The crowd continued to grow throughout Tuesday.

Sparta Report (and yours truly) had some fans traveling to today’s rally.

Orlando Trump Rally Fans

They managed to snap a few pictures of the growing crowd of deplorables which ended up shutting down a large swath of Downtown Orlando.

Fun fact, the guy on the left was a libertarian Gary Johnson supporter until Trump came along.

Orlando Trump Rally Crowd

Orlando Trump Rally Crowd

Our intrepid (drafted) reporters also found their way into the Amway Center and into the actual rally itself. You can thank them for the feature picture in this article.

Orlando Trump Rally Crowd 3

Orlando Trump Rally Crowd 4

You can view a live stream of President Trump’s Orlando rally here.



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