Impeachment Is Coming!

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Impeachment Coming Nancy Pelosi Jimmy Kimmel

I’ve long said that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are going to impeach President Trump. The social justice wing of the Democrat party has been clamoring for impeachment since Election Night 2016. They want President Trump impeached and Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the power she had during the Bush administration. She won’t be able to resist impeachment.

Robert Mueller’s press conference last week didn’t help things, either.

Now it seems Nancy Pelosi has confirmed to none other than Jimmy Kimmel that impeachment is going to happen before 2020.

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Written by Radius

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  1. Democrats fake evidence in the debunked Trump dossier has backfired. Framing the President for crimes he never committed is far greater an offense than his tweets about being innocent which Democrat want to use to Impeach him for Obstruction. AG Barr will find those involved in the DNC conspiracy to overthrow Trump, illegally spy on his campaign and collude with Russian KGB in the process.

  2. No it isn’t, they just need to keep everyone in a constant state of anticipation of it so their voters feel like they’re actually doing something. It’s way past time to start making laws restricting their term limits, pay and benefits. These few people are entirely willing and capable of spending the entire world into oblivion and it seems that what they’re trying to do.

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