‘Hillary And Clinton’ Crashes And Burns

Womp womp…

Hillary And Clinton

Did you know that there was a Broadway play by Scott Rudin titled “Hillary and Clinton?”

The play, starring John Lithgow and Laurie Metcalf, imagines an interaction between Hillary and her husband Bill during the 2008 Democrat presidential primary. Set in a New Hampshire hotel room, the Clintons struggle with being blown out of the water by an up and coming Barack Obama.

Apparently, the play is exactly as boring as it sounds. “Hillary and Clinton” will be ending its run over a month early because its ticket sales have been in the toilet.

The early closing date for Hillary and Clinton is due to underwhelming ticket sales. The play, which cost $4.2 million to produce, began performances in March and drew mixed-to-positive reviews, but has struggled to fill seats, reaching only 36 percent of its gross potential in the last two weeks. Its cumulative box office stands at $4.7 million.

Directed by Joe Mantello, the limited engagement originally was scheduled through July 21. By the time of its final performance, the play will have had 37 previews and 77 regular performances at the John Golden Theater.

Broadway is exactly as woke as Hollywood so it’s no wonder that a play like “Hillary and Clinton” got produced. What’s surprising is that the ultra-woke, ultra-rich Leftists that tend to frequent Broadway plays (so they can brag about being at a Broadway play, of course) refused to watch this garbage.

No one wants to spend “An Evening With The Clintons.” It seems that just as many people want to watch the dramatized version.


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