Has Nancy Pelosi had enough of Ilhan Omar?

Bus Toss coming?

Strange doings up in the Land of 10,000 Loons & Ticks this past weekend.

News of Ilhan Omar’s “Troubles” finally reached the local fishwrap (StarTribune – no link because you can search engine it if you need or want to).

The fact that there was a softball story on the “Troubles” gracing the front page of The Official Newspaper of the DFL is somewhat of a minor miracle: Omar is the most protected politician in the country since The Chicago Jesus left office a couple years ago.

Anyway, before this turns into Just Another Snarkfest the Gentle Reader should know that Omar is facing the fallout of some sleazy moves by her campaign committee and, more importantly, a peek behind the curtain of a Very Strange Saga regarding possible tax and immigration fraud.

(At this point, The Gentle Reader needs to be reminded not to entertain Raised Hopes, as more likely than not there will be no consequences nor further inquiry into either matter by any mainstream media outlet anywhere.)


The fact that there has even be a news story on this at all may be due to The Speaker of the House having just about had her fill of the Young Turks and is using old-school media allies to remind the frosh contingent to mind their collectivist peas and cues.

Hey, if Madame Speaker didn’t want the Strib to run the story all she had to do was pick up the phone and The Spike would have been applied.

The Twin Cities based blog Powerline has everything you need to know about this “hiding in plain sight” story here, here and here.

Give investigative blogger Scott Johnson the clicks to get the meat and taters details that the MSM leaves off the news plate.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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