Germany’s Political System Cracking as Leftists Bolt CDU, SPD for Greens

The rise of the hard left

Angela Merkel

Ever since the 2000 election in the US, it’s been clear to me that the US and European lefts have become increasingly disenchanted with “third way” type moderate socialist policies, and want policy more in line with places like Venezuela.

We continue to see evidence of this most recently in Germany, where the left collectively bolted the soft-left CDU and SPD parties and went to the Greens:

Andrea Nahles said on Sunday she would resign as leader of Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD), raising new doubts about the durability of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition with the center-left party.

Merkel’s Christian Democrats and the SPD both bled support in last week’s European elections as voters turned away from mainstream political parties, undermining a ruling coalition that already came close to falling apart last year.

Nahles, whose SPD is a junior coalition partner in Merkel’s ruling alliance, said she would resign as party leader on Monday and step down as head of the SPD’s parliamentary group on Tuesday.

“The discussions within the parliamentary faction and feedback from within the party have shown me that I no longer have the necessary support to carry out my duties,” Nahles said in a statement released by the SPD.

The “grand coalition” is due to rule until 2021 but Nahles’ resignation could trigger the SPD’s early exit, forcing Merkel to call snap elections, to lead a minority government, or to seek an alliance with the Greens and liberal Free Democrats.


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