Democrats Working With Iran to Undermine Trump Foreign Policy


Former Secretary of State John F. Kerry

Remember folks, these are the same scumbags who have been foaming at the mouth about imaginary Russian collusion since 2016. They are once again selling the United States down the river:

A small cadre of former Obama administration officials have been counseling Iranian Government officials since 2016 on how to deal with the Trump administration, according to the Daily Beast, which notes that Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zerif has been involved in the ongoing discussions.

In September, former Secretary of State John Kerry admitted to meeting with Zarif “three or four times” since Donald Trump took office, a move which drew condemnation from conservatives who said Kerry was “coaching” the Iranian FM on how to deal with the White House.

Former Obama administration officials gave wrong-headed advice to the regime in Iran that U.S. sanctions couldn’t work without European support and that the regime should just wait out the Trump administration,” according to Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the DC-based think tank Foundation for Defense of Democracies, which has advised the Trump administration on Iran policy. “Now with U.S. sanctions biting and the Islamic Republic facing an economic crisis, they’d be wise to tell their Iranian counterparts to return to negotiations. Bipartisan support for efforts to block the Islamic Republic’s malign activities strengthens American security.”

Others have defended, or at least downplayed the discussions.

“The communications are not surprising because of the lack of direct contact between the U.S. and Iran. The urgency is greater now. There is a sense of, let’s make sure that there is some channel open,” said Dalia Dassa Kaye, director of the Center for Middle East Public Policy at the Rand Corporation. “But it’s not clear that they are talking to Iranians that are making the ultimate decisions in the country. It’s not clear that those talking to each other, those in the room, are representing the realities on the ground in their respective countries.”

Exit question: How much money do you want to bet that the Democrats are also working with China on their responses to Trump’s tariffs and trade sanctions, and telling them not to worry because Trump will be gone soon?


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  1. I was at Walmart and came across some people from Syria. I asked them what do they think about Obama? They said, “why did Americans let this man lead America?” I did not know what to tell her, I voted for him. So sad.

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