Atlas Shrugs in California

Whatever, dude.

Like the Old Testament Pharaoh, the Golden State’s silicon newer versions of Ramses and his posse are content to ride out their self-inflicted Apocalypse in the places that high tech and Hollywood built while the state’s worker (and not worker) bees deal with a new top ten list of home-roosting chicken plagues.

According to Vodkapundit (aka Stephen Green) over at PJ Media Kally is now under siege from the following:

Blackouts, typhus, poop, an army of homeless, wildfires, contaminated syringes, garbage, rats, fleas, and Progressive government — these are the Plagues of California.

They say that Everything Begins in California – which is distressing,  since if that hoary old saw is still correct it means AOC might be half right about the 12 year doomsday clock for all the wrong reasons.

I suppose I should care about the rats in LA and the pooped streets of San Francisco but my empathy-o-meter for the denizens of The Bear Flag Republic is kinda zeroed out and has been for a while.

Besides I got enough to worry about here in Minneapolistan.

As for the plague of plagues currently consuming the Californicated, I can’t wait for that remake of The Ten Commandments as a reality show…

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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