AOC Levels Homophobic Slur Against Fellow Democrat


California Democrats held a convention in San Francisco this past weekend. Progressive luminaries and presidential contenders stood amidst the glitz and glam of the piles of used needles and rotting human feces to deliver a message of Socialism and free healthcare for all.

Apparently, Democrat presidential candidate John Delaney didn’t get that memo. Delaney told the assembled Communistas that medicare for all was a really, really stupid idea.

Needless to say Delaney’s truth bomb (medicare for all is a stupid idea) didn’t go over well with the Progressive mob.

America’s (least) favorite Democratic Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, joined the fray as well with a tweet that was more than a little homophobic.

“Sashay Away” is, apparently, a song by America’s premier drag queen Ru Paul. Or a saying Ru Paul makes frequent use of on his show. I don’t know. I make it a point not to know about what’s going on in the world of reality television.

Sashay away” also means “to leave a room like a drag queen” according to Urban Dictionary.

I take it as a point of pride that I was forced to look up the meaning of the term.

In other words, “sashay away” is not a term that conjures up the image of a straight man exiting the immediate vicinity.

Imagine, for a moment, that a white Republican had told someone running in their primary (Bill Weld, I guess?) to “sashay away” from the public spotlight. The Progressive moonbats would be howling in barely restrained rage about how said white Republican was a homophobic bigot contributing to the oppression of the LGBTQXYZ3.14 community with his evil cisgendered penis of death.

AOC can totes say it as an insult, though, because brown vagina or whatever.

On the other hand, “sashay away” is also defined by the venerable Urban Dictionary as “the height of coolness.” Meaning that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Delaney to exit the room in the coolest way possible.

Man…even when she’s throwing around hip and with it Millennial insults AOC still has no idea what she’s talking about.

Lemme show you how the adults around here do it, honey…

Sashay Away Snaps


Written by Radius

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