America Needs More Trump Says…Newsweek?

Fake News Newsweek?

Newsweek Trump Reelection

Newsweek has something of a reputation among right-wing deplorable bloggers. Most of us see the online “news” magazine as a complete joke that epitomizes the term fake news. Perhaps the fact that Newsweek was sold for exactly $1 back in 2010 has something to do with it.

Additionally, Newsweek has been perhaps one of the most virulently anti-Trump websites of the last three years. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a polite word expressed towards President Trump by any of the writers at Newsweek.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw this tweet come across my feed.

Wait…is that Newsweek telling its readers that America needs four more years of President Trump? The same Newsweek that falsely reported in 2017 that Poland’s First Lady refused to shake President Trump’s hand, and that President Trump didn’t know how to color an American flag in 2018?

Naturally, my curiosity was peaked, and I found myself drawn to click on the article. “Surely this must be some sort of troll, or backhanded compliment, or even a dead link,” I said.

Turns out I was wrong. It’s actually a serious article. Newsweek really is insisting that Americans must re-elect President Trump.

Too many politicians think that they know best, that they don’t need to listen to the people and acknowledge that things aren’t how they should be. President Trump does listen and is prepared to talk about—and tackle—some fairly contentious issues and change his position if need be to make sure the best outcome is achieved. Yes, he’s a brawler and is not interested in wrapping the answers in sophisticated language that appeals to the legislators. He’s focused on giving you the results you want.

I want a guy who gives me a strong economy, record-low unemployment, and fights for America in the world, not sophisticated vocabulary. Don’t you?

He’s fighting our corner against China, NATO, Europe, our southern neighbors and their porous borders. How long can we continue to be the world’s banker and its peacekeeper? It’s time that we concentrated on our own issues, not because we shouldn’t play a leading role in the world but because we need to look after our own first and help others next. Some of the global decisions that tie us into trade deals, agreements and protocols were approved decades ago and, in some cases, in the aftermath of the Second World War—time has moved on and we need to focus on our own issues.

So, what is Trump really like? As we show you in the book, he’s a genuinely funny guy who cares about his colleagues and is intent on getting the best out of people. He wouldn’t even offer me a job until he cleared it with my then-employer that it was okay to do so. Who does that these days? Thankfully, my then-employer had my best interests at heart and he let me go.

That’s the measure of the man.

The Newsweek article was written by George Sorial and Damian Bates. Sorial and Bates have recently written a new book about President Trump titled “The Real Deal.” The book is billed as a look at who President Trump actually is, not the media caricature that has been promoted over the last three years. Newsweek even gave these guys a fairly glowing profile just a few days ago.

The Leftist response to Newsweek’s latest opinion piece has been somewhat less than positive.

Apparently, Leftists vehemently disagree with Newsweek.

I bet none of them can tell you why.


Written by Radius

Radius refuses to post a bio. Website bios simply serve to prop up the cis-gendered patriarchy of the manocentric maleocracy. Also we must #Resist Trump because racism I guess.

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  1. The Obama Administration committed so many crimes against the US and it’s people they should be banned from American politics. They gave Billions to terrorist organizations and states. They colluded with Russia, China, and socialist in Australia, UK, and Italy to spy on US political opponents and sabotage their campaigns. They corrupted the FBI, DOJ, and IRS as political weapons..They have agents within CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and the NYT that specialize in anti-US, anti-Trump lies and propaganda. The Biden’s and Clinton’s made Billions in personal wealth from China and Russia by selling out US workers and US secrets. Keeping one sided trade deals in place which cost the US Trillions in revenue and millions of jobs.
    Someone will make millions writing a book about the Democrats Conspiracy to Frame President Trump with the help of Russian KGB. Their end game must be to turn the US into a Globalist Islamic Socialist Empire. With the help of our laws, corrupt officials like Comey, Brennan, Pelosi, Schumer, Omar, and Tlaib the death of the Greatest Nation on Earth is on schedule. Democrats have ruined the economy of States and cities, brought chaos, crime, gangs, and strife to a head in America. They are the enemy of Truth, Justice, Decency, and Democracy.

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