YouTubers Aren’t Paying Attention To BitChute

Ignoring their most dedicated fans?

YouTubers BitChute

There’s no denying that BitChute has exploded over the last year. Large content creators have been uploading to the alt-tech platform with almost as much fervor as their YouTube channels. YouTubers such as Tim Pool, Mark Dice, and Styxhexenhammer666 have recognized the benefit of having a backup channel just in case they wake up to find their YouTube channel destroyed.

What irks a lot of alt-tech users, however, is the fact that many of these large YouTubers are treating BitChute and other platforms like it as merely a backup. These creators spent a few weeks plugging their chosen alt-tech platform, only to go right back to their YouTube channels. The result is an entire audience that feels completely ignored by their favorite content creators.

Justin Derby of Truth: The Objective Reality points out some disturbing facts about this trend of ignoring alt-tech audiences in his latest video.

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