We Build The Wall Foundation Is Actually Building The Wall


We Build The Wall

Triple amputee veteran Brian Kolfage caused quite the stir a few months ago when he began soliciting private donations to help build a fully functional border wall along the southern border with Mexico. Trump supporters loved it, and Kolfage managed to raise millions of dollars within a few days.

Leftists, of course, hated it, and Kolfage was vilified in the mainstream media. Eventually Brian Kolfage faded from the public eye as the media became distracted by newer, shinier objects.

Yesterday, however, Brian Kolfage announced that his We Build The Wall foundation has actually finished its first half mile of privately funded border wall. Remarkably, the half mile of wall was built in an area that the Army Corps of Engineers had said was too steep to build any barrier on.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with Brian Kolfage and members of We Build The Wall in an exclusive video:

We Build The Wall’s announcement comes on the heels of an Obama-appointed federal judge blocking federal funding for certain sections of border wall.

Meanwhile, We Build The Wall has announced that they have a second project in the works.

President Trump has faced numerous obstacles in his quest to build a barrier along the southern border. Perhaps the private sector can pick up the slack?


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