Thoughts on GOT final episode

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Game of Thrones ended last night with an episode that some people liked, and most people hated. Therefore, I will give my opinion of the final episode and final season. I will say what I liked, what it made sense, what was ridiculous, and my hopes for the future.

I will start with what I liked. Excellent cinematography in some of the scenes. Danny’s entrance, Danny’s death, the dragon’s grief over the death of his mother, his revenge on the thing that ultimately killed her (the iron throne), and the way the dragon took her and flew away were some of the best moments of the show.

I also believe that he most logical turn of event of the show was Danny’s killing. It was obvious that she could not rule, that she was not fit to rule, that she had a utopic mindset for which she was willing to kill millions of people. It was also obvious that Jon was the only one who could kill her. He was the only one who could get close to her, passing first by the dragon, and then approaching her at a striking distance.

However, from here everything went downhill for me. The counsel that set Bran on the throne (elected monarch and not new dynasty) was an absolute disaster. Why should anybody listen to Yara and the new prince of Dorne who didn’t fight against the whites, and who were not there to see the carnage Danny inflicted on King’s Landing. Why wasn’t the Greyworm killed? Murdering prisoners in cold blood with the excuse of following orders would have never been tolerated. The Eichmann defense has never worked in history and there is no reason to believe that it should work in fiction either. Why should the counsel have accepted Tyryon suggestion when is clear now that he has been giving the wrong advice all the time, and that he was almost always wrong? What merits brought Bronn into the council? A man ready to betray anybody for the right price should not be rewarded with such a high position. But then again, Tyryon is the new Hand of the king, and he has showed several times that he is more inclined to pick the wrong side or the wrong people for the job.

Furthermore, the show, and possible the books, don’t give the answer to the prophecy of the prince who was promised. Who is this prince who was promised? Is he Bran or is he still to come in an uncertain future? Will Bran become an Emperor God of Dune like character who will outlive everybody who elected him king? Or will be a normal frail mortal who will have a short reign, and this be a recipe for a long civil war between fractions wanted to get the crown? Was Jon resurrected only to kill Danny or there is something else still in store for him? And these are just a few questions that comes to mind.

Furthermore, the whole final season was a disappointment, and the final episode only added to this feeling. Everything was rushed. The season would have needed at least 2 more episodes to make some sense, not to improve the outcome. For instance, we know that Varis wrote several letters revealing Jon’s real identity. Did he managed to send those letters and to whom were they addressed? Sure, the season had some nice cinematography and some emotional moments. I put here Melisandre’s, Cerci’s and Jaime’s deaths in this category. There were also some epic moments, like the ones involving Melisandre in the “Long night” episode, and the fight against the whites, or the fight between the Hound and the Mountain. But overall, the season looked half baked, and it showed poor writing, and very little respect for the viewers or for the logic of the story as a matter of fact.

On the other hand, one can argue that the show achieved a sort of happy ending, and rounded the story. It brought the end of the Targaryen dynasty once and for all (or maybe not), and gave to the major characters a final that was fitting with their story arch and desires. Danny, the mother of dragons, got near the Iron Throne. However, as the prophecy accurately hinted, she did not rule as queen. Her success led her to death. Sansa became Queen in the North, something she has always desired. Brianne became a King’s guard fulfilling her dreams. Sam became a maister, as he has always dreamed as well. Jon became a free man. Bronn got his castle.

Finally, I don’t think that this ending was satisfying for anybody. Therefore, I see the possibility that in the future HBO will do a sequel that will deal with the aftermath of this arrangement, a sequel that would be more satisfying for the fans than the current situation. And if R.R Martin will die before completing the books (which is a distinct possibility) would not be surprising that somebody else will finish the series and change the ending. It will not be the first, and for certain not the last time, when an ending has to be altered at the public’s request.


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