The Weekly Meme Report – Now With Added Salt!

Welcome to yet another glorious trip down meme lane.

As an alert to those Spartans who have been around here for a while, I will be posting a Gaming & Tech post this weekend – tomorrow if possible.

Until then, let the memes flow free, starting with the equally amusing and frightening Socialist Puritans of 2019:


Now here’s a Game of Thrones meme that requires zero knowledge of the show to get:

Bonus nerd meme:

Sooner rather than later please

Always keep this in mind some ball-less Never Trumper virtue signals about “character:”

Coming soon from a Hollywood Studio near you:

Teh doge photo of the week

And teh kittehz

For the next time you need a salty UR MOM quip:

Show us what you’ve got in the comments!

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