Senate Confirms Kenneth Lee To Ninth Circuit


Kenneth Lee Ninth Circuit

The Senate confirmed yet another one of President Trump’s judicial nominees. This time California lawyer Kenneth Lee sailed through the Senate on a 52-45 party line vote.

Mr. Lee will be serving on the ultra-Leftist Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The “esteemed” Senators from California, Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein, were none too pleased with Kenneth Lee:

The confirmation of California lawyer Kenneth Lee marked the first time neither home-state senator had returned a blue slip, a Senate tradition in which the home-state senator gives their opinion of the nominee, the Hill reported.

Neither Sen. Dianne Feinstein nor Sen. Kamala Harris, both California Democrats, returned a blue slip on Lee’s nomination to the San Francisco-based court. Lee, 43, a native of South Korea, is a past special counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In a Twitter message, Feinstein cited Lee’s writings on race and civil rights as reasons for her opposition. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., agreed that Lee holds “shocking” positions on race and women’s reproductive rights.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., called Lee “a man of high character”  and a brilliant lawyer. The two attended law school together.

Kenneth Lee criticized the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold affirmative action in college admissions in 2003.

Lee’s appointment is Trump’s 10th to the controversial Ninth Circuit. This brings the number of Republican appointed judges to 10 versus 16 Democrat appointed judges.

There are still three vacancies left on the Ninth Circuit.


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