Northland Newz: Steaming Somalis, Bombing Beto & Ricin Redux

Stories from State Not Yet Snowbegone

OK all you Normals out there, here’s a little something to help you get your smug on.

Four stories from just one day here on the north side of Jon Snow’s wall at Winterfell  – no tits or dragons edition (all courtesy of the Minneapolis Star Tribune internet post for May 9, 2019 but save your clicks):

Headline: Noor verdict sparks disappointment, outrage within local Somali community

The Good Stuff:

News of Noor’s guilty verdict has sent shockwaves and sparked outrage in the Somali community. Many community members say Noor’s trial exposed systemic racism in the justice system and widened a deep rift between the community and law enforcement. They also worry that the ruling will deter young people from joining the police force. Others have raised concerns about the third-degree murder conviction, demanding an outside investigation and calling for the reopening of Noor’s case.


Headline: Beto O’Rourke urges Minneapolis crowd to unite against Trump

The Good Stuff:

At least 150 people came to Lakeville to meet him, and several hundred jammed the cafeteria at Edison High School in northeast Minneapolis.

He spoke about immigration, health care, the economy, climate change, gun violence and other issues, sprinkling his remarks with Spanish.

To defeat President Donald Trump and make progress, he said, “It’s going to have to be all of us with all we’ve got.”

O’Rourke began his remarks by name-checking Prince, the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Bob Dylan and Lizzo.


Headline: University of Minnesota student may have been intentionally handling suspected ricin, FBI says

The Good Stuff:

The FBI on Wednesday said a University of Minnesota student may have been intentionally handling the suspected biological toxin ricin in her Dinkytown apartment Tuesday, causing her hospitalization and an evacuation of the area.

The federal law enforcement agency took over the investigation in a case that caused hundreds of students to clear the area and shut down nearby stores Tuesday after the discovery was reported at the Marshall apartment complex in the 500 block of SE. 14th Av. A preliminary test of the substance “indicated the presumptive potential presence of ricin,” according to the FBI.

The student had come in contact with the material, but “not in a random fashion; meaning she may have been intentionally handling the material,” according to an FBI statement.

Headline: Record storm dumps nearly a foot of snow on NE Minnesota

The Good Stuff:

The storm dropped 10.9 inches of snow in Duluth, and in the process etched its way into the weather record books in three places. Most of the snow — 8.3 inches — fell before midnight, “crushing” the previous record for the snowiest day ever in May by more than 3 inches, Gohde said. The previous record for the snowiest day in May in Duluth was 5.5 inches on May 10, 1902.

Wednesday’s snowfall also set a record for May 8, beating the previous mark of 5.0 inches in 1924.


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