MAGA Country Comes To Florida

Oh yes…

MAGA Country Florida

Three radio stations in the Florida panhandle will be playing excerpts from President Trump’s speeches every hour on the hour.

WRBA-FM, WKNK-FM, and WASJ-FM will play the two minute excerpts every day until the 2020 Presidential Election. All three stations are located in Bay County, an area which broke heavily for President Trump in 2016.

Samuel Rogatinsky, a Fort Lauderdale-based attorney who recently purchased the three stations through his Gulf Coast Media company, told the Orlando Sentinel that the Bay County community is completely on board with the decision.

“Really, we just want to have inspirational type things because the community is so down,” Rogatinsky said. “Nobody else is really promising or doing anything. They want to hear what he has to say.”

Gulf Coast Media itself released a statement saying that while the move is unconventional it has “taken this approach to show the community’s sincere appreciation for President Donald Trump’s work in Panama City and Bay County.”

Bay County suffered a direct hit from Hurricane Michael back in 2018. The area around Tyndall Air Force Base was especially hard hit, and suffered winds in excess of 160 mph.


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