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The only Democrat I have ever voted for was John Hickenlooper for Governor of Colorado. Hick is wrong about most things but not so wrong that you question the man’s sanity as we’re forced to do with the bulk of Democrat presidential wannabees. The Republican candidates for Governor were horrible who primarily ran on national issues without any sense of what Colorado voters had on their minds. They did the same thing this year which gave us the loony Jared Polis.

Hick is one of the rare (or so it seems these days) Democrats you might be able to have a conversation with in a bar without them immediately screeching “Orange Man BAD” or some other nonsense.

Before going further, between President Trump and John Hickenlooper, Trump all the way but there’s a small chance the campaign between the two might actually produce some content and lively debate along with all the negative rhetoric that’s sure to come.

Hick had an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday with the headline “I’m Running to Save Capitalism. Massive deregulation and socialism would both ruin the economic system that allows America to flourish.” At least he’s a Capitalist! How refreshing is that?

Dramatic income inequality has driven voters to support influential leaders in both political parties who advocate changes to our economic system that would ultimately destroy capitalism. Some on the right argue for an increasingly deregulated market, while the far left calls for massive government growth and even socialism.

This is more traditional Democrat and I think arguing over how much regulation is needed is good politics. I’ve never been a “no regulation” guy and the inherent greed of people will always mean that a certain amount of regulation is necessary. Without getting into the discussion, there is a discussion that both sides can reasonably have on the issue.

His point about the far left is spot on and it’s about time someone with a D behind their name said exactly that! We can always add back regulations but socialism destroys capitalism and will destroy the country; that we can count on.

Capitalism is the only economic system that can support a strong middle class, a growing economy, and innovative entrepreneurs leading global technological advancements.Yet for too many Americans, capitalism simply isn’t working.

Sentence number one — boom, spot on! For whom isn’t it working? Well, for one, the people who think society owes them a living. The other are the people who make bad choices and think society should bail them out. And then there are people who are cogs in the wheels of capitalism that find themselves on the outs when needs and markets change. It’s this last group government can play a role in helping because it’s to our benefit to have an active workforce that grows and changes as the times change.

One of Hick’s other ideas is to give away free trade school education. I think there’s a discussion around whether increasing our pool of skilled labor would help float all boats. Rather than a degree in whatever passes for college studies these days, turning out people with marketable skills is just good sense. Hick is a smart man and he knows that you always lead with the “free” card but he knows that nothing comes for free in this world including “Two Day Free Amazon Prime Shipping.” Again, something that’s worthy of a discussion.

I reject the idea we can improve health care by turning it entirely over to the government. More than 150 million Americans have private coverage through their employers, and the majority of people are satisfied with the coverage they have. It would be a fierce and needless battle to take that away from them.

Well, “duh” as we have been saying forever! Of course, he then blows it by saying:

Under my plan, if you want to keep your private coverage, you can; but if you don’t have coverage, or if you desire coverage from a public option, we’ll make that available and affordable by allowing you to buy into a plan like Medicare.

OK, Governor. Let’s see the plan because the last “affordable care (act)” was anything but affordable! Besides, there have always been “affordable” ways to buy health insurance in the individual market; what there haven’t been are “free” plans that don’t require a lot of money from somewhere!

There’s some trade stuff and capital gains stuff which may or not have merit. I’m not that interested to find out at this point. And there’s the obligatory “Trump bad” in there was well but not the TDS kind of “Trump bad” but the his policies are bad, bad. That’s fine.

Regardless, it was at least nice to read something from a Democrat candidate that is well intentioned and not totally and insanely wrong; just plan Democrat wrong.

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