I’m Not a Gun Guy

And the Fence Post Was Happy About That

I’ll admit I’m not a gun guy. Guns are tools and I’ve never found it necessary to own one of these tools. The other thing about tools is they aren’t much good if you don’t know how to use them.

My wife and I are in Tennessee at the moment where guns are a household utensil. You can use a gun as a hammer or to stir your pot of possum. Where I’m staying there are rifles in each room of the house for decoration, I suspect.

Guns are also a fashion accessory. If you’re a man, a modern Glock says “ask me about the Second Amendment.” For a woman, using an ammo box as a purse pretty well eliminates any discussion of toxic masculinity.

There are certain social faux pas you can make in Tennessee. For instance, asking someone “do you have hollow points in your Glock?” gets you an immediate “it’s none of your business but I’d be  glad to put some in your ass!”

It’s important where you shoot guns in Tennessee and it seems that many people have a grudge against a particular fence post. You don’t want to shoot too close to your neighbors or you’ll have a yard full of people wanting to join in and drink your beer. This will likely catch the attention of the local police who will want to join in and drink more of your beer.

Of course, you should drink responsibly when firing weapons that would stop a charging rhinoceros at twenty paces. Drinking responsibly and shooting would seem to be an oxymoron but I’m obviously wrong there.

This is me shooting an M1 which was the  standard U.S. service rifle during World War II and the Korean War. My father certainly was issued the same rife. My initial reaction was that these suckers are heavy! The site must have been loose since the target seemed like it was blowing in the wind or something. No targets, barns, or fence posts were damaged. Our host also loaded the weapon for me. I wasn’t looking to earn my M1 thumb that day!

My wife, of course, had no problem hitting the target. She is classically trained in shooting by her parents who took her to the dump to shoot rats.

It seems I’m more of a pistol person. I still didn’t hit the target but I scared the fence post pretty good.

After the fence post surrendered, we adjourned for some local brew. HINT: When you’re asked if you want a second, SAY NO!

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