Georgia Governor Signs Heartbeat Bill


Georgia Heartbeat Bill

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has signed HB 481 into law. The law, officially known as the “Living Infants Fairness and Equality Act (LIFE),” prohibits abortions after a fetal heartbeat has been detected.

The LIFE Act has also been called Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill.”

Modern medical science can detect an infant’s heartbeat after 6 weeks in the womb. Essentially, the LIFE act bans abortions past six weeks. Exceptions are made in the case of rape or incest, or if the mother’s life is at risk.

Just before signing the heartbeat bill Brian Kemp said, “Georgia is a state that values life. We stand up for those who are unable to speak for themselves.”

Kemp’s signing of Georgia’s heartbeat bill comes at a time when an increasing number of states are passing laws that effectively allow abortion up to and including labor. New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Mexico are just some of the states that have passed extreme abortion laws allowing a woman to abort her baby almost as it is being born.

Leftists in New York were positively giddy when their state passed its law that allowed women to get an abortion any time, anywhere with no questions asked.

Virginia also attempted to pass their own extreme abortion law similar to New York’s. In fact, Virginia Governor Ralph “Coon Man” Northam infamously declared that his state’s law would not protect a child that survived an abortion. Northam callously asserted that, under Virginia’s proposed abortion law, a baby that survived an abortion would be “kept comfortable” while the parents and doctor had a “conversation” after what was to be done with it.

In other words, Ralph Northam admitted that Virginia’s bill would legalize infanticide.

The sponsor of Virginia’s bill, Kathy Tran, was forced to pull the bill after massive public backlash. One of the bill’s co-sponsors, Delegate Dawn Adams, apologized for her support of Tran’s bill.

Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill is not without controversy, however. Abortion groups have blasted Georgia Republicans for their support of the bill. Alyssa Milano and over 50 other Hollywood celebrities recently signed a letter stating that they would boycott Georgia if the Heartbeat Bill passed.

Opponents of Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill have called the law unconstitutional. Abortion groups have stated that the law effectively bans all abortions in the state. They have cited the fact that many women do not realize they are pregnant until after the six week mark has passed.

These same abortion groups have stated they intend to sue the state of Georgia over the passing of the Heartbeat Bill.

Governor Kemp has said he expected the lawsuits and welcomes the opportunity to defend the law in court.


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