Eric Swalwell Exploits Virginia Beach Shooting, Then Begs For Cash

The stink of desperation…

Eric Swalwell Virginia Beach

Twelve people were killed and six wounded Friday afternoon when a gunman walked into a Virginia Beach municipal center and opened fire. The gunman, described as a long time public works employee, was also killed.

Most Americans would regard this incident as a terrible tragedy, and would allow the grieving families to at least bury their dead before attempting to score political points off of something like this.

Democrat presidential candidate Eric Swalwell isn’t like most Americans, however. You see, Eric Swalwell is campaigning on literally confiscating Americans’ guns regardless of whether they want to give them up or not. Eric Swalwell is also at the very bottom of the heap in an extremely crowded Democrat field with nearly 25 candidates in play.

In other words, Eric Swalwell is extremely desperate.

What better way to raise your national profile than to fire off a tweet storm using the Virginia Beach tragedy to push your radical gun control agenda?

The question, though, is how does one follow up with such blatant political exploitation?

Beg your followers for cold, hard cash so you can do it all again tomorrow, of course!

This isn’t the first act of desperation we’ve seen from Eric “Duke Nukem” Swalwell, of course. Just last week Swalwell trotted his toddler out in front of Twitter for International Women’s Day.

The look that Swalwell’s kid is giving his dad is the exact same look Swalwell sees whenever he hits the campaign trail. It’s that befuddled, slightly sleepy “what in the hell am I doing here” look.

Perhaps Eric should take the advice that one astute twit offered him.


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