Early Morning Outrage Sends #TrumpMustResign Trending

It’s too early for this crap…

TrumpMustResign Resistance

Apparently it’s never too early to get the Resistance’s blood boiling. The morning after President Trump cancelled a planned sit down with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on a possible infrastructure bill, outraged Leftists sent #TrumpMustResign trending on Twitter.

Resistance soy boy and “journalist” Scott Dworkin seemed to be behind the Left’s latest hissy fit.

Why does Trump have to resign? It’s interesting that not one single tweet from any of these hyper-outraged Leftists could actually come up with a coherent reason. The Resistance essentially wants Trump to resign because Russia, because racism, because…well because he stole the election from Hillary Clinton of course!

These are the people that are supposed to beat President Trump in 2020? Hah!


Written by Radius

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