Does Burger King Want Nigel Farage Dead?

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Burger King Nigel Farage

The UK has had a real problem the last few weeks with zealous Leftists hurling milkshakes at political candidates. The attack on Tommy Robinson is by far the most infamous of these attacks, but there have been others. This dangerous trend is gleefully encouraged by Leftists who are either oblivious to the danger or just don’t care.

Nigel Farage was campaigning at an event in Edinburgh, Scotland this past weekend. Police in charge of protecting Farage had asked a McDonald’s located near the event not to sell milkshakes due to safety concerns. Rival Burger King UK tweeted that they would be selling milkshakes all weekend, and seemingly encouraged people to assault Nigel Farage.

This begs the question: does Burger King actually want Nigel Farage dead?

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