Creepy Uncle Joe Strikes Again!

What the hell, Joe???

Creepy Uncle Joe AFT

Former Vice President Joe Biden has admitted that he can get a bit…handsy with the women-folk. And the men-folks. And…pretty much anything that draws breath. Biden even infamously groped Hillary on an airport tarmac back in 2016.

Joe Biden was forced to act when these “intimate” moments came back to haunt him prior to his official campaign announcement. Biden put out a video at the start of his campaign telling everyone that he recognizes that his penchant for touching everyone is a problem.

Joe Biden even vowed to do a better job respecting women’s privacy and personal space.

As I told everyone weeks ago, Joe Biden’s promise and “apology” turned out to be a lie.

Creepy Uncle Joe was back in the saddle again during the AFT town hall last night. Biden took a question from a 10-year-old girl, and, upon learning she wanted to be a journalist, took her to the back of the room to introduce her to the assembled mainstream media Muppets.

Creepy Uncle Joe was so excited he just couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Joe Biden? One or two incidents and you could make the argument that he’s just a grandfatherly kind of guy. Biden has a documented history of being a real creep, however. Not only that, but his mea culpa from just last month seems to have been completely forgotten.

Why on God’s green earth would anyone in their right mind let their child anywhere near Creepy Uncle Joe?


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