BREAKING: Lindsey Graham Will Introduce Legislation to Fix Border Asylum Loopholes

Appearing on “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox with Maria Bartiromo, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R, SC) announced that he will introduce legislation in the Senate next Wednesday to address the escalating illegal immigration crisis at the U. S.-Mexico border.

The bill will specifically focus on the loopholes in the asylum law and regulations relative to illegal minors, and the massive influx of illegals from Central American countries.

Graham outlined four components of the legislation that will he will introduce:

First, a substantial increase in immigration judges to speed adjudication of asylum and other immigration claims.  Graham’s proposes adding 500 immigration judges to eliminate the current backlog of cases that number in the thousands.

Secondly, Graham will propose in his bill that the Border Patrol and DHS be allowed to hold illegal minors and the adults accompanying them for up to 100 days, rather than current maximum of 20 days.  This would legislatively correct the infamous Flores decision that has resulted in the release of thousands of illegals into the interior of the country, where most never show up for later required immigration court hearings.

Next, the bill would allow for applications of asylum to be made only at American consulates in the home country of the asylum seeker, and not at the border.

Finally, Graham’s legislation would allow the deportation of illegal minors directly to their home countries (primarily Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador currently).  Existing law allows illegal minors to only be deported to Canada or Mexico.

Here is Senator Graham discussing his proposal with Bartiromo on Fox:


Exit question:

Will Senate Democrats vote to help solve the crisis at the border, or vote to continue the acknowledged humanitarian and legal mess at the border?

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Written by Bizchuck


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