Best Memes Of The Week: Do Over Until We Get What We Want Edition

It’s time to unwind a little + laugh at the idiots who make up Congress with a finely curated collection of the most luxurious memes you’ve ever seen. From the past week at least.

I don’t think Marty is going to be hitting 88 MPH anytime soon…

You might have to also be older to get this one:

Password rules

Just another Thursday…

Is there a more loathsome group of politicians that you can think of than the current Democrat Party right now? (yes, I know that whoever made this meme misspelled Mueller, but I don’t have time to remake this)

Dropkick Dude sure is lucky to belong to a protected class

Religion Vs. Science

Be sure to read the fine print

Personal attack it is then

If only, right?

I think the 80% part should be higher…

All right Sparatans, let’s see what you’ve got

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Chips Ahoy Drag Queen

What The Hell, Chips Ahoy???

Trump Bill Barr Campaign Spying

BREAKING: Trump Gives Barr Authority To Declassify Campaign Spying Documents