AOC Face Plants On Medicare For All


AOC Medicare For All

Democrat Socialist and insanely sheltered Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter on Monday to trumpet Medicare for All. More specifically, AOC asserted that everyone in America actually wants the government to be in control of their day to day medical needs.

While it’s true Medicare for All has some support in America, that support very quickly evaporates when you explain to people what Medicare for All actually is.

Most Americans oppose a Medicare for All program once they understand what it means and how much it would cost, a Health Tracking poll conducted by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) reveals.

The poll found that a majority of people — 56 percent — favor a Medicare for All (M4A) single-payer healthcare system when no details about how much it would cost are provided.

A larger majority, 77 percent, expressed support for incremental changes to the health care system, like allowing for the option of a Medicare buy-in program for adults between ages 50 and 64. Slightly less, 75 percent, support Medicaid buy-in plans for individuals who don’t have health coverage through their employer. Both the Medicare and Medicaid buy-in plans received 69 and 64 percent support from Republicans, respectively.

These numbers drop dramatically when respondents are given information on what implementing M4A would cost.

When asked if support for M4A included the requirement to eliminate all private health insurance and increase taxes, only 37 percent of respondents supported it. When asked if implementing M4A would directly cause some medical treatments and tests to be delayed, only 26 percent approved.

The greatest criticism of M4A was respondents’ concern that it would lead to delays in medical tests and treatments, the KFF notes.

“It’s no surprise when folks check under the hood of Medicare for all, they no longer like what they see: fewer choices and higher costs,” Jason Flohrs, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Minnesota director, told The Center Square. AFP launched an awareness campaign about the costs to taxpayers if M4A were implemented.

“This proposal has been projected to reduce provider reimbursements by 40 percent, hitting rural hospitals the hardest,” Flohrs added. “Our health care system needs reform, but forcing people to wait longer for their care and threatening rural hospitals would only make our health care system worse off.”

You see, if AOC was actually honest with her constituents and the American people she would find that no one wants to spend $32 trillion in order to put themselves at the tender mercies of a system that would be run by the same people who make you wait in line at the DMV. Of course, part of being a Democratic Socialist is never telling the people what you actually want to do. Otherwise, they wouldn’t agree to go along with your half-baked ideas.

In the end, I think this tweet by a rather handsome devil sums things up quite nicely.


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