Vile Eric Swalwell Attacks Trump After Poway Shooting

Remember, he’s got nukes…

Vile Eric Swalwell Trump Poway

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t the only Democrat cretin to use the horrible shooting at a synagogue in Poway, California to push a radical gun control narrative.

Democrat presidential candidate Eric “Nukem” Swalwell wasted no time in pouncing on President Trump after he tweeted a message of support for the victims in Poway.

Swalwell has based his presidential campaign around stepping up gun control measures. The lynch pin of Swalwell’s radical assault on the Second Amendment is a mandatory gun buyback program. Swalwell has said that he will simply take 15 million assault rifles out of the hands of legal gun owners with this program.

It should be noted at this point that Eric Swalwell literally threatened to nuke gun owners who would not willingly submit to the will of the state and give up their firearms.

Eric Swalwell has a long history of vile attacks on conservatives and Republicans. His rhetoric during his 2018 midterm campaign was so bad that a crazed Democrat supporter literally tried to stab Swalwell’s Republican opponent to death.

Democrat trolls like Swalwell are quick to stand on the dead and injured of Poway in order to prop up their radical gun control agenda. What they willfully ignore, however, is that the shooting at the synagogue was stopped because an off-duty border patrol agent pulled out his own gun and started shooting.

The agent missed the shooter, but managed to hit his vehicle. This brave act of defiance prevented the Poway shooting from becoming a slaughter. This would not have been possible if we enacted the insane policies that Democrats like Swalwell crave.

A good guy with a gun stopped a mass shooting before it became a mass shooting. Gun control would have ensured far more deaths.

Let that sink in.


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