“The Party of Diversity” Has Two Old White Men Leading All of their Primary Candidates…Irony is Embarrassed

Back in February of 2007, Vermont Senator Joe Biden described his future boss, contender for the Democrat Presidential Nomination, Barack Hussein Obama, in the following manner…

I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

And now, “Sleepy Joe” is running for President. reports that

Democrats seeking to reclaim the White House are calling for generational change. It may be time for a woman, they say, or a minority figure.

But for all the talk of breaking new presidential ground, the opposition party’s top candidates to become the new boss look about the same as the current boss: white, male and pretty old.

President Donald Trump is a 72-year-old billionaire, and for many he epitomizes the white male privilege that Democrats often decry.

But the top two candidates leading the race to replace him are pale, male and stale too.

Former vice president Joe Biden, who jumped into the race Thursday, is 76 and has spent the bulk of his life in national politics, while Senator Bernie Sanders, 77, has been in Congress since 1991.

The two men’s dominance in the 2020 Democratic field is at odds with last year’s midterms, when record numbers of women and minorities were elected to the most diverse US Congress ever.

The presidential race itself is historically diverse: six female candidates, three African Americans, a Hispanic former cabinet member, an Asian-American, a Hindu congresswoman, and a gay military-veteran mayor. Nine contenders are under 50.

The 2020 campaign “calls for a new generation of leadership,” candidate Pete Buttigieg, the Indiana mayor who at 37 is less than half Biden’s age, said recently.

And yet it is the two septuagenarians who currently dominate the nominations landscape, with Biden at 29 percent and Sanders at 23 percent in the latest RealClearPolitics polling average. No one else is in double digits.

The White House has relished the irony.

“Old, white, male career politicians like Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden is not exactly what the Democratic Party had in mind for 2020 when they’re running all these different folks who are talking about identity politics and what makes them different,” counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway told Fox on Thursday.

The Democratic candidates with the more traditional profiles, Biden and Sanders — each of whom has run for president before — have the strongest name recognition.

That has “significant influence on polling at this point,” Kelly Dittmar, an expert at the Center for American Women and Politics, told AFP.

Unlike recent congressional elections, “presidential politics has been the most dominated by men, and masculinity, for all of our history.” Dittmar said that is true not just in who inhabits the office, but in the norms of behavior and expectations voters place in presidential leaders.

A woman, of course, has made the case that it’s possible to shatter that presidential shield of masculinity, as Hillary Clinton did when she won more popular votes than Trump in 2016.

– White man’s privilege –

There are signs that a post-Clinton mindset has yet to evolve.

The hype that accompanied the entry into the race by Texan Beto O’Rourke (6.3 percent in polling), a white forty-something ex-congressman with a thin resume, contrasted sharply with the muted coverage of the rollout by progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren (6.5 percent).

She was the first heavyweight to enter the race and is the candidate with the most concrete policy platform, but she has been spinning her wheels in the polls.

O’Rourke, who literally wandered in the wilderness before launching his campaign, appeared to acknowledge the hand he has been dealt.

“As a white man who has had privileges that others could not depend on, or take for granted, I’ve clearly had advantages over the course of my life,” he told NBC News in Iowa.

Dittmar said she is not confident that Sanders and Biden, unlike O’Rourke, “have gotten to that point in which they realize… the limitations they have as older white men in being able to understand the challenges of women and communities of color.”

Those limits came into sharp relief this past week. Biden faced awkward questions about refusing to directly apologize to women who said they were made uncomfortable by his touching and the affectionate gestures he lavished on them.

Sanders was booed by black women at a conference when he conveyed a 56-year-old anecdote about marching with civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. when asked how he would combat racism and advocate for people of color.

Such gestures by the frontrunners are “not enough,” Dittmar said.

Both Sanders and Biden have built campaign teams that reflect America’s diversity.

But they will need to speak “in a more detailed way about how you’re going to best empathize with the experiences of women and communities of color in a way that goes beyond a tag line, or one thing you did” in the past, Dittmar added.

Oh, the irony of it all.

Through the last several decades, the Democratic Party, once the party of the “Middle Class Working American” has devolved into the political party of special interest groups and has become the champion and practitioner of the “Tyranny of the Minority”.

What we have heah is failure to communicate. – Strother Martin, “Cool Hand Luke”.

While spending time on Facebook Political Pages, which I really should cut down on, as it tends to increase my blood pressure to Mt. Vesuvius Levels, I continuously encounter individuals who echo the sentiments of the Far Left self-proclaimed geniuses who cost the Democratic Party the Presidency and who believe that anybody who works hard for a living and believes in God and Country, is a Jingoistic imbecile.

The same intolerant idiots who have decided that they do not need to hire “straight white males” are now faced with the situation of having two “straight white males” as the frontrunners for nomination as their Presidential Candidate in 2020.

For years, the Democrats have preached to us “Deplorables” here in the Heartland of America as to how they are the champions of tolerance and diversity.

And yet, a cursory tour of Social Media, such as Twitter and Facebook prove them to be an intolerant bunch of irreverent hypocritical jackasses.

And about that “diversity” thingy…

Just recently Black Conservative Activist Candace Owens was attacked by a bunch of Antifa fascists, simply because she IS a Black Conservative.

After the 2016 Presidential Election the current Democrat frontrunner, “Sleepy Joe” Biden recalled watching a Trump rally in Pennsylvania near where he grew up. “They’re all the people I grew up with,” he said. “They’re their kids. And they’re not racist. They’re not sexist. But we didn’t talk to them.”

He was speaking about the fact that the Democrats had become a bunch of hypocritical elitists, claiming to representing “average working men and women” but actually wanting nothing to do with us, embracing special interest groups, instead.

The Democrats have learned nothing from the night of November 8, 2016. They are still the same elitist hypocrites whom Biden called out after they lost the presidency.

And, the excuse that Biden and Bernie practice “diversity” within their campaign staffs does not absolve their hypocrisy.

President Trump not only believes in “diversity” his Administration, he believes in it in America’s Workforce, too.

The Unemployment Numbers for Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and American Women have all dropped to historic lows.

Something that the Democrats, even President Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm) were not able to accomplish.

Some people, especially hypocritical elitists like those in the Democratic Party, never learn.

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