The New York Times Goes Full On Anti-Semite

Kind of like going full retard…

New York Times Anti Semite

Americans have long known the New York Times to be a hard Left publication. No one knew just how radical and insane the former newspaper of record had become until Thursday when the NYT published this little gem.

New York Times Anti Semite

The cartoon depicts a hook-nosed, blind President Trump wearing a Jewish kippah. President Trump is being led by a Benjamin Netanyahu guide dog, a Star of David hanging off of its collar. Obviously the artist was going for the maximum amount of anti-Semitism possible.

Mission accomplished.

Remember, the Left says that Republicans are the anti-Semitic douchebags.


The New York Times issued a statement saying that they were really very sorry for publishing such blatant bigotry, and they would move to fix it by issuing a correction, but not until Monday because it’s the weekend and everyone’s watching Avengers: Endgame.

New York Times Anti-Semite Thanos
When even Thanos thinks you’re an a-hole…

Needless to say people weren’t buying what the New York Times was trying to sell.

Woah, you want them to fire people?

Sorry, fake news doesn’t work that way.

Given that the Left is busy erasing history with the religious fervor of a Taliban zealot dynamiting a statue of the Buddha it’s a distinct possibility they may not be aware of that historical fact.

Personally, I don’t know why everyone is surprised that the New York Times would run such a vile cartoon. Anti-Semitism and bigotry have become a feature of the Left. Each and every day they grow more and more bold in proclaiming their hatred for Jews and anyone else who doesn’t share each and every one of their insane values.

The New York Times is just keeping up with the times.


Written by Radius

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