The Most Epic Trump Troll EVER!

Leftist tears in 3…2…1…

Trump Troll Robert Mueller

Yesterday saw the release of the redacted Mueller report. The nearly 400 page report represents the culmination of two years and $35 million worth of investigation into whether or not President Trump colluded with Russia and/or obstructed justice.

Surprise, surprise the report found zero evidence for either one. President Trump was completely and utterly exonerated.

In fact, President Trump decided to take a victory lap by trolling the hell out of the Left with one of their own memes.

This meme, of course, was a play on one of Leftists’ favorite memes about Robert Mueller and the eventual conclusion they all hoped his investigation would lead to-impeaching Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Trump Troll Robert Mueller

Which is, naturally, a photoshop of one of the most (in)famous Game of Thrones memes ever to grace the Internet.

Trump Troll Brace
Brace yourself…

How did the Left take having the Mueller Report findings being rubbed in their faces by a play on one of their most favorite memes ever?

Let’s find out.

The report stated Mueller could find no evidence of obstruction.

Explain to me how that’s not an exoneration.

Only Leftists can look at a report that explicitly states there’s no evidence of Russia collusion or obstruction of justice and say it means there is evidence of Russia collusion and obstruction of justice.

Trump Troll Mad


Trump Troll He Mad


What in the…oh, video game “journalist.” Never mind.

Points lost for copying someone else earlier in this article.

Seriously, not even an “A” for effort.

Yeah, try impeaching an immensely popular president in the midst of a roaring economy.

Ask the GOP how that worked out in the 90’s with Bill Clinton.

You’re absolutely right. This is most certainly not a game. We’ve just witnessed the complete and utter failure of a literal bloodless coup. Robert Mueller and the Democrats have actually spent the last two years trying to overturn the results of a legitimate election by concocting the fantasy of Russia collusion.

To make matters worse, the Media spent the past two years whipping Leftist thugs like you into a frenzy. We’re at the point now where half of the country is angry that the President of the United States is not a traitor to our country. Why? Because that means they have to “suffer” through at least two more years of his presidency.

People like these Leftists on Twitter are exactly why Trump supporters don’t wear MAGA hats for fear of being beaten. Leftists like these are exactly why we will never see another peaceful transition of power after a presidential election in which a Republican wins.

A normal person would be absolutely sickened by what has transpired the last two years in this country.

Then again, Leftists are far from normal people.


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