THE HIGHWAYMEN shoots down the myth of BONNIE & CLYDE

Not Politically Correct but Inconveniently True

I watched THE HIGHWAYMEN last weekend and promised Rubbish I’d do a post on it but then one thing led to another and I got busy doing this and that until someone else wrote a review (a damn good review) of the movie and because said review is better than anything Your Uncle Bruno could scribble it’s linked here and you really should read it and also watch the movie (either in a theater or on Netflix – your choice) because you’ll be glad you did.

The reviewer, David Forsmark, riddles the Social Justice Warrior meme that  lampreyed itself the B & C story since Arthur Penn put it out way back when in ’67 (do you remember ‘retha Franklin? The Queen of Soul – and pass the Cuervo please…)

Anyway, here’s a whistle-wetter from the PJMedia post:

Academy Award-winning Hollywood icon Kevin Costner won’t have to worry about Oscar consideration for his fine Netflix original, The Highwaymen, as it flies in the face of Hollywood liberal convention and restores the reputation of an American hero that Hollywood lore slandered as a vengeful, murdering buffoon way back in 1968.

Screenwriter John Fusco has been shopping his script to set the record straight about famed Texas Ranger Frank Hamer and his hunt for Bonnie and Clyde long enough that Paul Newman and Robert Redford were originally considered for the parts (Newman died in 2008).

Even this reviewer for the website Decider, after giving the movie a positive review, decided she better get her SJW cred in order by saying the movie “whitewashed” Hamer’s “sexism.”

This thin premise is based on Hamer’s terse comment over his resignation from the Rangers to protest the election of Ma Ferguson as governor of Texas. “When they elected a woman governor, I quit,” she wrote.

Again, it would take a few minutes to learn that Governor Ferguson campaigned on being the surrogate for her indicted and impeached former governor husband and that between the two of them, Texas law enforcement became a cash-cow and patronage outfit.

But hey, when you make the mistake of being politically incorrect, virtue signaling is the remedy.

THE HIGHWAYMEN is a terrific two-fer – taking down the the Barrow and Social Justice gangs in one glorious hail of bullets.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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