Star Woke: Mark Hamill Runs Afoul Of Social Justice

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Mark Hamill Social Justice Star Wars

There are few movies more iconic than the original Star Wars trilogy. Episodes 4-6 pushed the envelope of the film making practices of the time, upended an entire industry, and literally defined an entire generation.

They also made George Lucas a veritable butt load of cold, hard cash.

Mark Hamill Social Justice George
He can buy and sell your ass twice while encasing you in carbonite!

The original Star Wars movies made the careers of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy D. Williams, and, of course, Mark Hamill. In fact, I would venture as far to say that there are few actors on this planet as beloved as the man who played Luke Skywalker. His work on the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as his numerous voice acting gigs, has spanned literally decades. Generations of children grew up watching Mark Hamill in some capacity on many of their favorite movies and television shows.

Even a man such as Mark Hamill can fall prey to the social justice mob, however. Hamill stirred up a hornet’s nest when he tweeted this rather nostalgic photoshopped picture of what the new Star Wars trilogy could have been.

Speaking as a Star Wars fan of many years, I can say with confidence that a movie that reunited the original cast to adventure across the galaxy once again would have been awesome. The lines outside of the theaters would have stretched for miles. The new Star Wars trilogy would have literally printed money, and Bob Iger could have finally afforded that solid gold swimming pool.

Mark Hamill Social Justice Pool
They ain’t cheap, even if they do look like a ton of people peed in them…

Unfortunately, the new, ultra-woke Star Wars trilogy has attracted a different kind of fan. One that sees Star Wars as “problematic” because it appeals to boys. These Star Woke Warriors took Hamill’s tweet as a literally violent personal assault on their values.

They mercilessly attacked Mark Hamill because he missed the good old days.

You’re right. It’s much better that we got a useless former stormtrooper who’s only in the movie because he’s black, an ultra strong womyn Jedi who’s about as interesting as drying paint, and a Chinese chick who lectures us about evil rich people while stampeding a herd of animals through a casino because why not, we’ve already killed all your childhood memories.

But hey, at least we got a super cool female stormtrooper!

Mark Hamill Social Justice Phasma
Disney said I get five whole minutes of screen time in Episode IX!

Rather than apologize and slink back into the darkness from whence he came, Mark Hamill responded to these Star Woke haters in a most appropriate way.


I miss them too, Mark.

I miss them too.

Mark Hamill Social Justice Rey
Seriously, when the hell did Jedi become superheroes?


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