Pro-Maduro Forces Run Over Protesters In Venezuela

My God…

Earlier today Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guaido announced Operacion Libertad during a speech in front of a crowd of protesters in Caracas. President Guaido called on the people of Venezuela to rise up against dictator Nicolas Maduro. Guaido also urged Venezuela’s military to stand with the people.

Guaido described Operacion Libertad as the “final stage” to take back Venezuela from the communist thugs that have ruled for over a decade.

What followed was a series of escalating clashes between forces loyal to Maduro, civilian protesters, and national guardsmen who have defected to join with Juan Guaido.

The fighting has escalated as the Maduro regime uses a mixture of tear gas, rubber bullets, and live fire in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

The fiercest fighting seems to be centered around the La Carlota air force base in Caracas. Large crowds of protesters have been massing near the base for the better part of the morning. La Carlota is still in Maduro’s hands, and it appeared earlier today that Maduro’s forces were massing for a push against the protesters.

Earlier today footage was released that showed Maduro loyalists plowing into a crowd of protesters with an armored truck.

This happened live on television.

Watch the video and you can clearly see people being bowled over by the onrushing truck. The protesters were armed with sticks, bottles, and rocks.

God bless and watch over the people of Venezuela as they struggle to throw off the shackles of an evil, Socialist regime.


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