President Trump Will Skip The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Again

Yeah that’s a hard pass…

President Trump announced Friday that he would once again be skipping the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The dinner is scheduled for April 27, however President Trump told reporters that he has other plans that day.

“The dinner is so boring and so negative that we’re going to hold a very positive rally instead,” Trump said.

President Trump did not attend last year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner. The White House Correspondents’ Association had invited ultra-Leftist comedian Michelle Wolf to perform at last year’s dinner. Wolf spent the evening insulting and haranguing President Trump and various Trump administration officials in a performance that was widely panned by those on the Right and the Left.

This year, perhaps learning their lesson from last year’s fiasco, the WHCA invited Pulitzer Prize winning author Ron Chernow to speak.

Michelle Wolf blasted President Trump’s decision to skip the dinner during an interview with Variety.

Apparently, Michelle Wolf has less self-awareness than White House Correspondents’ Association President Oliver Knox, who also released a statement on President Trump’s refusal to attend.

Knox’s people-indeed, journalists in general-have made it pretty damn clear that they hate President Trump with an all-consuming passion. Why else invite extreme, anti-Trump comedians to perform at what should be a celebration of a respected profession and the First Amendment?

Why in God’s name would President Trump want to be in the same room with people who make a living calling him an evil, racist Nazi and so much worse?

Let us also not forget that many of the Mainstream Media members that will be in attendance at this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner pushed the hoax that President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. These people have spent the last two years literally calling the duly elected President of the United States of America a traitor to this country.

Again, why would President Trump want to spend any time with these people?

More to the point, why should he spend any time with these people?


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