President Trump Will Honor Tiger Woods With A Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Well deserved…

President Trump Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods pulled off an incredible win at the Masters at Augusta on Sunday. Tiger’s victory represents his first major win in eleven years, and his first win at the Masters since 2005.

There’s no doubt that Tiger Woods has overcome a lot in the past few years. Winning the Masters could represent the start of a great comeback for a golfer who many assumed had lost his edge.

President Trump announced on Monday via Twitter that he would be honoring Tiger Woods by awarding him a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Naturally, Twitter erupted with condemnations of President Trump’s decision to honor Tiger Woods.

I have no idea who this Tiger Golf is. Apparently he’s a better golfer than Tiger Woods, but not as good a war hero as John McCain. Also a sex addict.


Dude, you just replied three times to the same tweet. Yet you’re complaining about Trump not working?

Interesting that a Leftist is comparing a black athlete to a criminal. Racist much?


Grandpa’s gone senile. Time to put him down.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’d just like to point out that this man is a “mental health counselor” according to his Twitter bio.

Let that sink in.

Leftists seem to be awfully mad that President Trump is choosing to honor a black man in the White House with the highest award that can be bestowed.

Seems kind of racist if you ask me.

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