Notre Dame Cathedral Still Stands After Massive Fire

2/3 of the roof is gone…

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Earlier today the world watched in horror as the ancient medieval cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris caught fire. The blaze spread quickly as it engulfed the roof of the cathedral.

The moment #NotreDame’s spire fell

Horrible #NotreDame

Hundreds of Parisians had gathered outside of Notre Dame to pray for the beloved historical landmark.

President Trump even chimed in on Twitter urging Paris fire officials to act as swiftly as possible to save Notre Dame.

It seems that Parisian’s prayers have been answered, as Paris fire officials are announcing that they have managed to save one of the most famous Christian landmarks in the world.

It is unknown at this time what started the massive blaze that broke out around 6:50 PM local time. Notre Dame has been undergoing restoration work, and authorities believe the blaze may have been the result of an accident. The cathedral is still burning, however, and authorities have not yet been able to enter the cathedral to investigate.

Worth noting is the fact that Paris has recently been seeing a surge of vandalism and attacks against churches. Obviously it’s too early to say whether the fire was accidental or whether it was arson, but one can only hope that French authorities will follow the trail wherever it leads.

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