Kirsten Gillibrand: Presidential Candidate And Carer Feeder

She’s just like us!

Kirsten Gillibrand Carer Feeder

Democrats have long had a problem with likability. They love to pretend that they understand the trials and tribulations of the common man and women. Democrats will tell you exactly what they think the concerns of your average American are without actually having spoken with any average Americans for years.

No, a Democrat does not actually deign to speak with the common American. The closest they come to actually encountering someone who makes less than a six figure income is when they pay their illegal housekeeper’s meager salary. Or when a Democrat is forced to rub elbows with them on the campaign trail.

The issue for a Democrat then becomes how to appear likable without actually having to encounter the common folk. Several Democrats, from AOC to Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, have attempted to use Instagram in new and bizarre ways to feign likability.

Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand went a different way. Back in February Gillibrand invited photographers and journalists into her home during dinner time. Gillibrand evidently felt that documenting the joys of a “home cooked” meal at her house would help her relate to average Americans better. After all, average Americans cook meals at home as well.

Unfortunately for Gillibrand one right-wing Twit was unimpressed with her staged theater. What followed was a rather epic demolition of the narrative that Gillibrand so carefully tried to build.

This is my number one pet peeve as an amateur cook. Never leave butcher packaging on the table next to where you’re cooking. Not unless you want a side of crippling intestinal disease with your steak.

Again, I can’t stress this enough: clean your damn mess!


I’ve asked world renowned chef and television host Gordon Ramsay to give his opinion on this truly epic Twitter thread.

Kirsten Gillibrand Carer Feeder Gordon 1

Gordon, what do you think about Kirsten Gillibrand’s cooking skills?

Kirsten Gillibrand Carer Feeder Gordon 2

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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