Joe Biden attempts to raise his Intersectionality Score

“Sheriff, I wish I knew how to quit you…”

Old, white and formerly straight presidential hopeful Joe Biden needed to make a move to raise his Intersectionality Score and found the ideal venue at a recent law enforcement conference:

Regarding the shock photo a winking Biden quipped to reporters:

“My advisers told me to reach out but not reach around – if you catch my drift…”

Biden has been plagued with accusations that he is nothing more than a privileged cis-gender oppressor as a treasure-trove of creepy old photos showing him getting a little bit too handsy with the womenfolk suggest:

After seeking the counsel of openly bi-sexual freshman Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona on how to double his chances of scoring votes the former VP decided to toss his hat into the rainbow-roped ring.

When asked about his main rival for the 2020 nomination Biden responded:

“Kamala Harris may have cornered the voters looking for an articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking gal but I wanted to show my fellow Democrats even a man my age can make changes without resorting to using scissors.”


Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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