Democrat Tim Ryan Announces Presidential Bid

Too bad he’s a white male…

Democrat Tim Ryan President

Democrat Representative Tim Ryan from Ohio has officially announced that he’s running for president.

During an interview with the harpies…err…lovely ladies of The View, Ryan bemoaned how divided Americans have become. Ryan also blasted manufacturing companies exporting jobs to China.

Watch Tim Ryan’s presidential announcement on The View.

Look, Tim Ryan seems like a nice guy. I don’t know much about him, but the little I’ve seen seems to peg Ryan as way more moderate than the current Democrat front runners.

Sure he perpetuates the lie that women are paid less than men.

And Tim Ryan’s accused President Trump and the Republican party of sabotaging Americans’ healthcare…somehow.

Tim Ryan also reiterates the Democrat talking point that the very real crisis on our southern border is a “fake national emergency.”

He still seems like a nice guy. After all, Ryan’s Twitter timeline is chock full of tweets honoring Vietnam War veterans.

That’s why Tim Ryan’s presidential campaign is going to die in obscurity. Democrats don’t want a “nice guy” to take on Trump. They don’t even want a guy taking on President Trump in 2020. Otherwise they wouldn’t be working so hard to destroy Joe Biden.

Democrats want someone who will appeal to their social justice warrior sensibilities. Leftists want a Kamala Harris or a Corey Booker. Perhaps a Julian Castro.

What they definitely don’t want is a moderate white male like Tim Ryan.

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