DC Police Handcuff Innocent 10 Year Old Boy

Where has common sense gone?

This pisses me off for a number of reasons. The situation begins with a group of boys in Washington, DC ranging in age from 10 to 13. A 13 year old decides to rob a 12 year old of his cell phone by putting a BB gun to the 12 year old’s head.

Police are called and arrest the 13 year old along with a 10 year old who was with the group of boys involved in the robbery but was mistakenly identified as having participated.

The 10 year old was handcuffed and taken away — all of which, of course, was caught on video.

It was quickly determined that the boy had nothing to do with the robbery and was released to his mother.  Attorney General Karl Racine (who is originally from Haiti if that matters) said that Metropolitan Police Department acted in accordance with its policies and procedures.

There is so much I find distressing here I don’t know where to start. I think I’ll start with the mother of the 10 year old. Madam, your first thought shouldn’t be “my boy is innocent,” it should be “what in the hell is my child doing with a group of kids doing this kind of mischief?” I’d be finding out and the beatings would begin. Who should get beat isn’t clear but some kids need beat.

Let’s move on to the officers. Policies and procedures do not substitute for a brain! There is no way this was going to end well! You all are lucky a riot didn’t break out. Have you people been paying any attention to the news whatsoever? Didn’t one of you knuckleheads think for a moment that the video of handcuffing a 10 year old black boy might have some repercussions? Hell’s Bells!

Now let’s address the armed robbery aspects of this. A BB gun can be dangerous and pointing it at someone is a really, really bad idea. However, it probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that a 13 year would mimic the behavior he sees around him and in the media.

This child needs to be beat by a parent, the gun smashed into bits, and grounded until he’s 27 — but not arrested. Here is, perhaps, a seminal moment in this child’s life where the right parental involvement might totally change the path of his life. Whether that’s possible, we’ll never know because it wasn’t tried.

There are all sorts of things we don’t know here. For instance, the 13 year old might be a really troubled kid who needs to be in the system. However, like most things government does, the odds of the system reforming a 13 year old who’s already graduated to armed robbery is probably pretty poor.

Maybe I’m just too “white” to understand but, in my view, this is what you get when the village tries to raise a bunch of kids instead of expecting and demanding that parents raise them.


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