Cindy McCain Blasts The Border Wall

Oh really?

Cindy McCain Border Wall

Cindy McCain recently blasted President Trump’s plans to build a border wall to stop human trafficking across the US-Mexico border.

McCain, whose only claim to fame as far as I can tell is being the widow of Never Trump drummer boy John McCain, ripped into the Wall during an interview with NBC:

“The people that are coming over the border, for the most part, are not trafficked individuals. It’s people within our own walls, in our own borders, so a wall is not going to fix this, but education will and awareness will and strengthening our laws will.”

Cindy McCain might want to let the folks at Wikipedia know that there’s no human trafficking problem at the border. They certainly seem to think it’s a pretty damn big problem…and they have citations:

One third of the people annually trafficked into the United States are from Latin America, and the vast majority of these people enter the United States through the Mexico-United States border.[17] This extremely porous and penetrable border has historically been the site of one of the most protracted labor migrations in the world, and is North America’s largest transit site for young children exploited in labor and sex trafficking as of 2011.[31] Texas is a particularly important transit site for domestic trafficking; around twenty percent of domestic trafficking victims pass through the state at some point on their journeys.[31][32][17]

Of course, Cindy McCain didn’t offer any real solutions to the current crisis on the border. Like her globalist hubby John, Cindy would rather educate and build awareness and pass more meaningless laws that won’t get enforced rather than actually do anything of substance. After all, migrant caravans provide much needed, cheap (slave) labor that can’t unionize and won’t talk back for fear of being deported.

Meanwhile, President Trump is tweeting that yes, he really is considering shipping the thousands of little “acts of love” (thanks Jeb!) to various sanctuary cities around the country.

Democrats have been up in arms over Trump’s threat (promise?) to ship the thousands of illegals flooding across the border to their own back yards. You see, Democrats talk a big game about being compassionate and welcoming to anyone who wants to come to America regardless of how they get here. After all, illegal immigrants are the best and the brightest of their respective countries. They enrich our lives, grow our economy, and make America the Shining City on the Hill that Ronald Reagan spoke about so eloquently.

Democrats just don’t want illegal aliens living anywhere near them.

Why? The answer is simple, really. Democrats don’t believe any of the crap that they’ve been shoveling to the rest of America. They know that illegal immigration depresses wages, especially those of minority and youth workers. Democrats know that illegal immigrants bring more crime to an area, either as perpetrators of crime (see MS-13) or as victims who refuse to talk to the police for fear of deportation.

Above all, Democrats can’t let their loyal constituents see the actual consequences of illegal immigration. They can’t let them see the high crime and disease. Democrats can’t let the people know that when they support illegal immigration they’re really supporting a growing underclass of unskilled workers forced to work long hours at wages barely above subsistence levels.

The loyal constituents might not be so loyal once they get a nice, big snoot-full of what illegal immigration actually is.

Here’s a thought. Maybe while Trump’s shipping all the illegal aliens…err…asylum seekers to the sanctuary cities he could divert a truckload or two to Cindy McCain’s house.

Maybe Cindy can “educate” these “refugees” on how the coyote who trafficked them across the border and raped dear old mama every night as payment was really performing an act of love.


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