BREAKING: Police Respond To Reports Of Armed Intruder At Batavia High School In Chicago Update: False Alarm

This is a developing story…

Breaking news this morning, ABC 7 in Chicago is reporting that police are responding to reports of an intruder armed with a rifle entering Batavia High School.

The Batavia Police Department is warning people to stay away from the area.


School officials are not allowing anyone into the building at Batavia High School due to the police activity. The report came as students were being dropped off for the day’s activities. Batavia High School officials have said that any students who were picked up by a bus will be returned home.

Batavia High School serves 5,800 students in the town of Batavia, IL.

ABC 7 News in Chicago has a live stream of Batavia High School on their website.

This is a developing story. We will post updates as they happen.

Update: ABC 7 has footage of police taking up positions around the school.

Update: Police have announced that they are clearing the scene.

Update: False alarm.

Police have reviewed surveillance video, and believe that the “gunman” may have been a student athlete with a baseball bat.


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