AOC Throws A Twitter Tantrum Over Sri Lanka


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Nearly 400 people were killed when Islamic terrorists detonated suicide bombs in coordinated attacks across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. These terrorists specifically targeted churches that were packed with Christians attending Easter services.

Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who normally tweets almost as much as President Trump, was noticeably silent that day.

AOC’s Democrat colleagues managed to muster up enough empathy to express their condolences. Somehow the bartender from the Bronx couldn’t be bothered to comment on the Sri Lanka massacre.

Kellyanne Conway called AOC out on her silence on Twitter earlier this morning.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t like that, and she went positively nuclear.

Not surprisingly, AOC attempted to turn Conway’s statement of fact into a personal attack on her faith.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then went into full tantrum mode with a rather lengthy (and irrelevant) attack on President Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria.

Of course, this death toll came from a Harvard study that was conducted of the conditions on Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and how they might affect mortality. The study was accepted by the Puerto Rican government and made official, even though the Harvard researchers never traveled to Puerto Rico.

That’s neither here nor there. AOC’s diatribe on Puerto Rico is irrelevant to Kellyanne Conway’s original criticism.

The tantrum didn’t stop there, however.

Christians, honey. “Easter worshippers” are called Christians. No one worships Easter. There isn’t a Church of the Most High Easter Bunny that decks their altars with colored eggs and baskets filled with fake grass.

Christians were targeted in Sri Lanka. Just like Jews were targeted in Poway yesterday.

I feel I should also point out that AOC used her statement on the Poway shooting to push for gun control.

AOC continued to scream at the top of her lungs in the hopes that Kellyanne would stop being mean to her.

Literally no one was attacking Ocasio-Cortez’s Christianity. Yet AOC employed the time honored social justice warrior technique of trying to spin legitimate criticism into a personal attack.

Kellyanne Conway didn’t just point out the fact that AOC didn’t bother to tweet anything about Sri Lanka until she was goaded into it, you see. Kellyanne Conway said AOC was a horrible person, a bad Christian, and completely lacking in faith. Anyone who argues that point with AOC will be branded a racist and a bigot.

We’ve seen this before, most notably from Ilhan Omar when she was called out on her anti-Semitism several months ago.

At this point it’s sad and boring. The only people this technique plays to are AOC’s fellow social justice warriors. All anyone else sees is a sad, petulant child whining and crying because she got called out for ignoring terror attacks that slaughtered 400 innocent people.

In fact, I can predict exactly what AOC’s next move will be. She will follow Ilhan Omar’s playbook and accuse Kellyanne Conway of stoking violence and hatred against her. Maybe she’ll play a recorded threat called in to her office that conveniently references Sri Lanka.

Look for this either later today or tomorrow morning. Wednesday at the absolute latest.

AOC claims that she was unable to tweet because she was visiting her grandmother in Puerto Rico.

My question to AOC is this: if that’s the case, why did you use your only tweet the Monday after the Sri Lanka attacks to plug a Netflix documentary about yourself?

I suspect AOC wouldn’t have an answer to that question.


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