An Interesting Nugget from the Noor Trial – Day 1

Was Justine Damond shot on the driveway?

The Noor/Damond murder trail has begun and buried deep within the StarTribune’s report on the first day of testimony is this interesting nugget:

Harrity has told investigators that Noor fired his gun from the squad’s front passenger seat through Harrity’s open window.

Lofton told jurors that the distance between Harrity’s open window and the ground was 3 feet, 7 inches, while the gunshot wound in Damond’s lower left abdomen was 3 feet, 4 inches from the bottom of her heel.

A longstanding account that Damond may have startled the officers by slapping the SUV apparently originated with a BCA agent who spoke to Noor’s and Harrity’s supervisor at the shooting scene, Lofton said. The supervisor told the agent that whatever spooked the officers must have come in contact with the car, prompting the agent to suggest that it was a slap, the prosecutor said.

“There is no forensic evidence that Ms. Ruszczyk ever touched the car,” Lofton told jurors.

This is a photo of the alleyway where Justine Damond was shot:

While I have not been able to find information on her exact height, it can be assumed that if Ms. Damond was of medium height (say 5’8″ give or take) the entrance wound from Noor’s shot would have been at best navel height and possibly lower.

It seem’s that given the height of the squad car’s door and that the shot went across the car’s driver (Harrity) and out an open window it is reasonable to assume Damond was standing somewhere on the sloping driveway down from the recycle/trash cans.

Standing on an elevated driveway would explain the position of the entrance wound, particularly in light of testimony and forensics saying Damond never touched (slapped) the police SUV.

Testimony may yet emerge placing Damond elsewhere when the fatal shot was fired, but my purely speculative hunch is that she was near or behind waste receptacles while she waited for the squad car to proceed down the alley toward her.

It’s possible the “noise” was Damond bumping into or slapping the trash cans to get the officer’s attention.


On July 26, 2017 Sparta Report debunked the “dark alley” meme.

That post is linked here.



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