9th Circuit Court Sides With Trump On Asylum Seekers

Broken clock and all that?

Last Monday federal judge Richard Seeborg blocked the Trump administration from sending asylum seekers back to Mexico while their claims were adjudicated in court. Judge Seeborg stated that the Trump administration had violated US law by failing to consider the dangers to migrants waiting in Mexico.

Judge Seeborg, an Obama appointee, issued his stay after a lawsuit was filed against the Trump administration by 11 migrants and various advocacy groups.

A three judge panel from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, made up of judges appointed by Reagan, Obama, and Clinton, blocked Judge Seeborg’s stay on Friday. The panel gave the migrants until Tuesday to submit arguments against the Trump administration’s asylum policy. They gave the Trump administration until Wednesday to submit arguments as to why the policy must remain in place.

In other words, the 9th Circuit Court, the single most overturned court in the entire country and the place the Left can go to for reliable activist judges, sided with the Trump administration on illegal immigration.

Now is as good a time as any to remind everyone that there are still several vacancies on the 9th Circuit Court waiting to be filled. President Trump is currently in the process of remaking the most liberal Court in the nation.

The Left is currently in the process of defending anti-American bigot Ilhan Omar from big, mean Orange Man Bad.

Let that sink in.


Written by Radius

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  1. No problem, you want the illegals, Trump will give them to you starting with Pelosi’s district. Than Trump will send ship loads of them to Hawaii. Then to these liberal judges own neighborhoods. AND THERE IS NOTHING ANY OF YOU CAN DO TO STOP HIM. INJUNCTION AWAY.

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