The Very Best of 1967 Drive-In Movie Double Feature Mania!

California Dreamin’ on such a summer’s night

Summer of ’67 – the halcyon days of drive-in movie double features.

For my money, nothing could beat the paring of It’s a Bikini World (featuring Eric Burden & the Animals and the Twin Cities own The Castaways!)  and The Born Losers, the very first and arguably the very best of the Billy Jack Trilogy + 1 (quadrilogy?)

Admittedly, being the very best Billy Jack movie is a bar set pretty low but hey, it was hot town,  summer in the city and I’m pretty sure an illicit twelve-pack of Schimdt’s beer in the Animal Cans was involved…

There probably aren’t a lotta drive-in venues left in The Big 50 anymore much less in Mosquitosota; more is the pity for the generation or two that think AOC is the Queen of Groovy.

There was a lot to said for heading out to the drive-in for the roll-of-the-dice double features that started promptly about 10 minutes after sunset.

Sometimes you got a 50/50, sometimes it was a muttarooski double-header and sometimes, as on that one fateful night described above, it was glorious.


Added bonus thanx to the modern marvel that is The Internets, It’s a Bikini World, complete and uncut brought to you thru the magic of YouTube (click here to watch).


Hat Tip to cementer eon2 for his comment on The Favourite thread that took me back to the days of my yoot and inspired this post.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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